REN Foundation

Modernize & Exceed Customer Expectations

The REN Foundation empowers banks, national switches, and processors to rapidly develop and deploy products that deliver the payments experience consumers demand while minimizing risk to their businesses.

Dr. Martin Brückner, CTO of Euronet Worldwide, explains REN’s ability to empower businesses to pursue new opportunities as they present themselves.

Leverage Euronet’s Payments Expertise

Powerful Technology for Data Centers or Private Clouds

Deployed inside a data center or private data cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.) environment, the REN Foundation provides access to our vast inventory of payment platforms and services for intelligent switching and other capabilities.

Modernize Without Replacing Your Legacy System

Many businesses start by using a single Euronet platform (e.g. card issuing) or having the REN Foundation switch new digital payments such as Alipay to a format their legacy system is able to process.

Developer friendly! Quickly build innovative solutions and services

  • ATM & POS outsourcing
  • Tokenization
  • Real-time payments
  • Card issuing
  • Merchant acquiring
  • Dynamic cash conversion
  • Cardless cash payouts
  • Bill presentation and payments
  • Digital wallet solutions
  • Payment gateways
  • QR code solutions
  • Alternative and local payment processing
  • API gateways
  • Digital content distribution
  • And many more!

Invest in a Future-Proof Technology & Architecture

Learn about the key benefits the REN Foundation delivers through these short video explanations.

Microservices Architecture

Ease maintenance concerns and quickly pursue new business opportunities through small code blocks written in the most widely used programming languages.

100% Availability

Changes and updates are made without taking the system down or the need for idle redundant servers.

OS and Database Agnostic

Save time and money! The REN foundation operates with your existing hardware, operating system, and database.

Internal Regression Testing

REN includes automated testing and certifications to facilitate rapid changes without disrupting the system.

Linear Scalability

The REN foundation operates with a small footprint in your data center and scales linearly on commodity hardware.

Infinite Messaging

Efficiently process QR codes, finger prints, graphics, and other non-traditional data elements in singular transactions.

Custom Solutions for Retailers and Brands

Euronet also uses the REN Foundation to build hosted custom solutions for retailers, mobile operators, and brands on a Software as a Solution (SaaS) basis.

These solutions are typically delivered by the company’s epay division and used with POS terminals, gift cards, gaming consoles, smart phones, and other transactions with digital content.

Learn more at our epay websites: epay US • epay Germany • epay Italy • epay Australia

Rely on the REN foundation. We do!

REN has been at the core of our business since 2013 and provides the foundation for our REV payments cloud.

In 2018 in just one of our worldwide data centers, REN processed more than 280 million transactions across 26 countries in all global currencies and for 58 different payment types using a minimal hardware configuration. Even in this complex transaction environment (routing payments, money transfers, and distributing digital content), REN never experienced scheduled or unplanned downtime.

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Need a cloud-based solution instead? Access the REN Foundation through public APIs with the REV Payments Cloud.