Content Distribution

Virtual Content

We offer virtual content providers a first-class retail network for distribution of gift cards on approximately 719,000 Point of Sale (POS) terminals worldwide. POS options include our web-based solution, customized integration solutions and a variety of stand-alone terminals.

Bank Integration

Transform your electric funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS) system or POS bank system into a full product suite. We are experts in adding enhanced functionality to existing bank hardware, and our software solutions ensure a secure and flawless integration.


Meet the needs of today’s retail customer with a quick and easy purchasing process. No matter your business model, we can help you become a prepaid destination by providing your business with the optimal means for product distribution and payment facilitation.

Online Shop

Secure your payment processing and operate your business online with our comprehensive full-service shop system with a wide variety of common payment methods.


We offer airtime for an extensive variety of wireless carriers worldwide and can help you develop, package and distribute a prepaid category to maximize your sales. Gain access to our global network of 719,000 points of sale worldwide.