Payments Software Solutions

Payments Software Solutions

As one of the world’s largest processors, ATM deployers, and payment services providers, we build and run our suite of software in Euronet-owned production environments. Decades of industry knowledge and operational expertise are bundled into each solution, ensuring software you can depend on to stand the test of time.

Processor Software Solutions

Our open and scalable processor software solutions allow you to quickly set up and maintain participants, connect to any regional and international card network, accommodate variable cut-off times and conduct end-of-day processing faster – all with flexible integration to leverage investments and streamline end-to-end solutions.

Switching Software Solutions

Euronet’s state-of-the-art switching software has wide-ranging functions to accommodate any regional and international card networks, support network participant agreements, and integrate with clearing network connections. Our solution allows you to anticipate transaction disposition in real-time, enabling more cutoffs throughout the day and faster end-of-day closing. Includes H2H, fraud interfaces, reporting, online audit, transaction blocking and is EMV enabled.

ATM Management Software Solutions

Euronet’s ATM management software solutions enhance customer engagement, offer advanced functionality and improve operational efficiencies. Whether you are trying to gain control over a multi-vendor fleet, extend ATM capabilities into revenue generation, migrate transactions from tellers to digital interactions, or launch new features sooner, Euronet’s ATM software solutions are the right approach to get you there, all from a single source.

Card Issuing Software Solutions

Our card issuing software solutions provide a complete array of EMV-compliant debit, credit, and pre-paid card issuance of all major card brands, as well as in-house and private label cards. A consolidated UI allows for easy management of customer inquiries, daily usage limits, usage time, and invalid PIN entries. Whether you need a single or multi-card solution, our team is ready to get you started.

Internet Banking and Mobile Software Solutions

Euronet understands that today’s consumers expect access to their funds around the clock and from any location. Our self-service solutions empower financial institutions and their customers with account access whenever and wherever their busy lives take them, all while keeping their data secure.

Merchant Management Software Solutions

Our suite of merchant management software delivers a comprehensive solution designed to provide banks with end-to-end merchant acquiring functionality. Manage merchant relationships, set and process transaction fees and commissions, and track point-of-sale activity in single or multi-institution environments. From POS banking to inventory tracking, immediate merchant payment, profile-driven fraud controls, and online real-time merchant activity inquiries, Euronet provides the tools to optimize your acquiring business.

Dynamic Currency Conversion Software

Acquirers, ATM deployers, POS, and e-commerce payment providers create new revenue streams by offering a service that is designed for travelers. Euronet’s dynamic currency conversion software supports virtually all issuer currencies, and is compatible with Visa and MasterCard networks. Consumers with foreign-issued cards are offered currency exchange services at the point of interaction and are provided immediate actual transaction costs. Euronet’s DCC solution is designed to give consumers choice, transparency, peace of mind, and budgeting convenience.