Point of Sale Outsourcing

POS Outsourcing

Euronet’s portfolio of services addresses all elements of the POS acquisition and operation process. Our partners benefit from a one-stop approach that covers the provision of POS terminals, fully managed services and maintenance, timely settlement of funds, and a variety of value-added services that enhance the user experience.

Multiple Engagement models

Euronet works together with customers and financial institutions to tailor services to their specific needs. We leverage our operational know-how and proprietary technologies and tools to offer the most benefits to our partners and their customers.


We can consolidate all your POS needs into a single contact so you no longer have to manage multiple vendors. Our flexible, scalable, leading-edge IT and POS platform services meet our customers’ needs – while boosting their bottom lines.

Tax Refund

Address the growing international travel customer segment with versatile Tax Refund services independently or as part of our POS services.